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We provide the services of professional book cover designers for virtually any application involving bound printed materials.  We help you bring to life your concept or vision for the cover that will shape that critical first impression of the ideas, information, or entertainment to be found in your book, sales presentation, report, manual, etc.

We will prepare a professional book cover layout file that meets the prepress cover design specifications for the commercial printer of your choice.  We can also suggest some book and specialty printers that we have worked closely with over the years.

We specialize in Book Design for small and independent publishers.  Some of our clients have been featured on major cable news network including CNN and Fox News, on such well known shows as the O’Reilly Factor, Glen Beck, and Hannity & Colmes.  Some authors have appeared on national TV programs within weeks of completing their book cover design project with us.

We have top book cover designers and commercial artists on staff that delight in developing an exceptional covers for fiction, poetry, and nonfiction books.  Our mission for each project is the singular goal of capturing the essence of the book’s contents or message in an appealing and eye-catching manner.  Our designers can work directly from the author’s vision or concept, or from a brief description of the book’s content or message, along with an idea of its intended audience.

Our staff is also experienced in Book Cover and Book Interior Design for virtually any printed publication used in business today including Annual 10K Reports, Human Resources and employee relations publications, corporate branding and fulfillment programs, educational, health and safety instructional publications, employee and product manuals, technical writing/ illustration, promotional booklets and calendars, product brochures, business proposals, catalogs, mailers and more.  Ask us
how we can help you fulfill your project on budget and on time.

No matter what your Book Cover or Book Interior Design needs are, we will work with you to develop a vibrant professional presentation, specifically designed to realize your creative vision and help you reach your prospective audience effectively. Hire a Book Cover Designer, using our website today.